about the rae


hi! my name is rae and this is my blog. i’m a hip, fun twenty-something with her finger on the pulse of popular culture, or at least that’s how my grandmother describes me. i made this site as a place to showcase my writing, share my plentiful opinions, and practice the skills i’ll need as a millennial in the workforce: blogging, commenting, posting, sharing, being quirky, and knowing how to make a webpage. check and check, baby!

here is a list of facts: i live and breathe pop culture and everything entertainment, and i have an opinion on basically everything. i have a degree in media & communications and am currently working towards my diploma in radio broadcasting. i’m very loud for how small i am. i love to make people laugh. i love to be funny, creative, and smart all at once. i love to write!

i made this blog as a place to organize and host all my pop culture opinions, from album/tv/movie reviews to entertainment gossip to the downfall of the entertainment industry!

please feel free to contact me, tweet at me, comment on whatever you like – i love to talk!